East Village

With a rich history as the hometown of several counterculture movements, the East Village retains a unique identity that’s a little offbeat and a tad unconventional. The diverse population, from students to old locals and everyone in between, makes the East Village one of downtown’s most livable neighborhoods. The East Village greatly contributed to several arts and culturale movements, including the inception of punk music at the iconic CBGB club, the Nuyorican poetry movement, and the vast popularization of Andy Warhol and pop art. Rounded out with esteemed restaurants, dive bars as far as the eye can see, and vintage and boutique shopping, the East Village has a variety of activities sure to please any taste.

Financial District

If you’re looking for a cleaner, quieter, quasi-suburban section of the city, the Financial District provides all that and more. With easy access to almost every mode of transportation, the Financial District offers convenient methods of traveling nearly everywhere inside and outside of the city. Home to a varied population of Wall Street-types, families, and students, the neighborhood has something to offer for everyone. The restaurant culture and nightlife are a bit more mellow than neighboring areas, but still provide places to grab drinks, sit outside, and people watch on the cobbled streets.


Though often referred to as New York’s premiere shopping district, SoHo "South of Houston Street" has a distinct bohemian energy stemming from its rich artistic history. A former manufacturing district, SoHo has transformed to become one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Manhattan. SoHo is a great place to flex your credit card muscles, but it also offers a distinct charm. Cast iron architecture and industrial facades coupled with impossibly high ceilings and windows characterize much of SoHo’s real estate. A seemingly endless array of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment ensure you’ll never be at a loss for something to do.

South Street Seaport

In addition to being a living reminder of New York’s rich maritime history, the South Street Seaport offers unique shopping and dining as well as an assortment of seasonal activities. Home to some of New York’s oldest buildings and cobblestoned streets, South Street Seaport has a distinct “old New York” energy. The neighborhood combines classic charm with modern amenities – newly developed real estate, shopping, and entertainment give the Seaport a taste of the best of both worlds.

West Village

In the West Village, individuality isn’t just a personality trait—skewing off the grid goes right down to the infrastructure of the streets. Sometimes referred to as “Little Bohemia,” the West Village has historically been a haven for artists, activists, or anyone looking for a dose of the avant garde (or those who want to see where Carrie Bradshaw lived on Sex in the City). While the neighborhood’s brownstones and cobblestoned streets lend a charming and sophisticated vibe, it still holds true to its artsy downtown identity. With an assortment of independent theaters, galleries, nightlife, shops and luxury boutiques, there is something in the West Village to satisfy any and all tastes and interests.